About MMS

The Mediterranean Microwave Symposium was founded by a team of colleagues from Abdelmalek Essaadi University in Tetuan, Morocco in May 10-12, 2000 through its very successful first edition that attracted experts, engineers, scholars and PhD students from around the world to present and discuss research work and merging topics and pplications in the field of RF, Microwave, Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz theories, technologies and applications.

The outstanding success of MMS2000 and the strong need for such conference in a very particular region of the world sharing the Mediterranean sea among three continents (Africa, Asia and Europe) were the key arguments behind the wish and the decision to make it a regular conference organized at a yearly basis. MMS editions have been organized respectively in :

MMS2000, Tetuan, Morocco (Chair: Mohamed Essaaidi)

MMS2002: Caceres, Spain (Chair: Luis Landesa Porras)

MMS2003, Cairo, Egypt (Chair: Hadia El-Hennawy)

MMS2004, Marseilles, France (Chair: Victor Fouad Hanna)

MMS2005, Athens, Greece (Chair: Nikolaos Uzunoglu)

MMS2006, Genoa, Italy (Chair: Salvatore Caorsi, MMS Logo created and officially adopted)

MMS2007, Budapest, Hungary (Chair: Tibor Berceli)

MMS2008, Damascus, Syria (Chair: Hassan Aboulnour)

MMS2009, Tangiers, Morocco (Chair: Mohamed Essaaidi)

MMS, 2010, Cyprus (Chair: Tayfun Nesimoglu)

MMS2011, Hammamet, Tunisia (Chair: Ali Gharsallah)

MMS2012, Istanbul, Turkey (Chair: Siddik Yarman)

MMS2013, Saida, Lebanon (Chair: Sawsan Sadek).

MMS2014, Marrakech, Morocco (Chair: Mohamed Essaaidi)

MMS2015, Lecce, Italy (Chair: Luciano Tarricone)

MMS2016, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Chair: Nazih Khaddaj Mallat)

MMS2017, Marseilles, France (Chair: M’hamed Drissi)

MMS2018, Istanbul, Turkey (Chair: Siddik Yarman)

MMS2019, Hammamet, Tunisia (Chair: Ali Gharsallah)

MMS2020, Tetuan, Morocco / Virtual – Covid-19 Pandemic – (Chair: Otman El Mrabet)

MMS2022, Pizzo Calabro, Italy (Chair: Luigi Boccia). Owing to Covid-19, MMS2021 was postponed to 2022.

Throughout the following years and editions MMS succeeded to develop a very strong network of colleagues and friends in this region and beyond and also to have the support of several international organizations concerned by and interested in its scope and the topics it covers such as IEEE, IEEE MTT, AP, EMC, COM Societies, European Microwave Association (EuMA) and URSI.

Furthermore, MMS has contributed to many publications covering all kind of topics concerned by RF, Microwave, Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz theories, technologies and applications, including IEEE Xplore that published most of the proceedings of former editions, special issues of specialized international journals and also some dedicated books.

In addition, MMS Organized several Students Best paper competitons in the framework of the EuMA Sponsored Competition and Yarman-Carlin Student Paper Competition.

Mohamed Essaaidi
MMS Founder & General Chair
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