Creativity and Innovation in Engineering Design. A Philosophical Account

Philosophy is a reflective enterprise that aims to explicitly articulate and analyze the notions that
other disciplines implicitly grasp and deploy. Here, I aim to explicitly articulate and analyze the
notions of creativity and innovation by considering their role in engineering design in comparison
with the roles they play in science and the arts. Such analysis will lead me to draw some
considerations on the place of engineering, science, and the arts in the general framework of
human culture, and to argue against the traditional separation between techno-scientific research
and the humanities.

Enrico Terrone is Associate Professor of Aesthetics at Università di Genova and Principal
Investigator of the ERC project “The Philosophy of Experiential Artifacts”. He was research fellow
at the Käte Hamburger Kolleg (Bonn), Gerda Henkel fellow at FMSH (Paris), visiting researcher at
Institut Jean Nicod (Paris), and Juan de la Cierva fellow at LOGOS (Barcelona). His main areas of
inquiry are aesthetics and the philosophy of technology. He published papers in international
journals such as The British Journal of Aesthetics, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism,
Erkenntnis, Philosophy of the Social Sciences. His last book in Italian is Filosofia dell’ingegneria

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