Enabling Technologies for Imaging Automotive Radar

Riccardo Maggiora, Politecnico di Torino – Italy

To build the future of autonomous driving, we shall enable cars to see the targets in their environment in any condition; radar is the most dependable sensing technology, providing the highest reliability across all weather and environmental conditions and capable of detecting obstacles at the longest range.

The biggest challenge is, e.g., to be able to reliably identify a child (vs. a manhole and close to a car) up to 100 m! To accomplish tasks like this one, we have minimum resolution requirements of 1° azimuth, 1° elevation, 0.1 m range, and 0.1 m/s speed.

The enabling technologies that will be discussed to fulfill these requirements at reasonable costs are millimeter waves, advanced MIMO techniques, new modulation schemes, and Silicon CMOS technology.

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