Satellite communication emerging solutions and trends

Organiziers: Luigi Boccia (University of Calabria, Italy), Alessandro Fonte (SIAE Microelectronics, Italy)


SatCom antenna requirements for small aircrafts

Roberto Pezzoli, Piaggio Aerospace – Italy

Nokia talk

Wolfgang Templ, Nokia Bell Lab – Germany

Future challenges in microwaves related to aeronautics

Volker Ziegler, AIRBUS Germany

A modular approach to SatCom user terminal design (FLEXCOM EU Project)

Luigi Boccia, Università della Calabria – Italy

FLEXCOM design approach (FLEXCOM EU Project)

Alessandro Fonte, SIAE Microelettronica – Italy

Design of advanced mm-wave phased arrays with consideration to manufacturing and thermal design (DRAGONFLY EU Project)

Säily Jussi, VTT – Findland

Towards a Flexible Communication System (HEFPA EU PENTA Project)

Guilherme Theis, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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