MMS2022 prizes

“Yarman-Carlin” – Student paper contest 

First prize: $500; Paper 92: A Numerical Procedure to Determine the Power Intake/Delivery Capacity of a GaN RF Power Transistor over Broadband. By Sedat Kilinc, Dept. of Electrical-Electronics Eng., Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Graduate School, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Second prize: $300; Paper 8: Doherty Power Amplifier with a Novel Power Divider for 5G mm-Wave By Aniello Franzese, IHP – Leibniz-Institute, fur innovative Mikroelektronik, Frankfurt Oder, Germany

Third prize: $200. Paper 55: CMOS Negative Impedance Converter Circuit with the Elimination of Parasitic Gate- Source Capacitance.

By Sami Durukan, Electrical and Electronics Eng., Faculty of Eng., Ankara University, Ankara

EuMA best paper contest

First prize: €500; Stefano Tebaldini, Marco Rizzi, Marco Manzoni, Andrea Monti Guarnieri, Claudio Prati, Dario Tagliaferri, Monica Nicoli, Umberto Spagnolini, Ivan Russo and Christian Mazzucco
SAR Imaging in automotive scenarios

By Stefano Tebaldini, Politecnico di Milano – Italy

Second prize: € 300; Giuseppe Addamo, Oscar Antonio Peverini, Flaviana Calignano, Mauro Lumia, Giuseppe Virone, Fabio Paonessa and Diego Manfedi3D-Printing of Antenna-Feed Components for Space Applications

By Giuseppe Addamo, CNR – Italy

Third prize: € 200; Agnese Mazzinghi, Xin Xu, Jiro Hirokawa and Angelo Freni
60-GHz-band OAM Multiplexing with a RLSA that Simultaneously Generates Three OAM modes

By Agnese Mazzinghi, Università di Firenze, Italy


Free participation to one ESoA course:

Antonella Maria Loconsole, Ilaria Marasco, Francesco Anelli, Giovanni Niro

Politecnico di Bari, Italy